Rostov-on-Don attractions

There are over 800 objects of cultural heritage in Rostov-on-Don. Among them are 470 architectural monuments, 55 archaeological monuments and 106 monumental objects of arts and military glory.

The historical center of the city is especially rich in architectural buildings and monuments. The building constructed after architect A.N.Pomerantsev’s design - “City Duma” is unique. The building of M.Gorky drama theater refers to the masterpieces of world architecture. Its model is kept in the British Museum in London.

There are the following museums in Rostov-on-Don:

  • Museum of local study;
  • Rostov regional museum of fine arts;
  • Museum of modern fine arts on Dmitrovskaya;
  • Museum of Russian-Armenian friendship;
  • Rostov museum of railway equipment;
  • Center of modern art “Tobacco fabrika (factory)”.

One can see a lot of city sculptures on the streets of the city. These are as follows: a walking “Citizen”, a “Merchant” offering his goods, a pretty “Flower-girl” with the basket of first violets and a lot of small sculptures which attract city guests’ attention and bring great joy to people.

The monument to the city’s patron - St.Dimitry - was opened in Sobornaya square as well as to the Rostovsky metropolitan. And the belfry in Rostovsky Cathedral church was completely restored.

In 2007, the Pokrovsky church was constructed in its historical place in Kirovsky park and the statue to emperor Yelizaveta Petrovna, founder of Rostov, was erected.

Rostov-on-Don is a large educational and scientific center of Russia. It is the third largest university after Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. There are 4 theaters in Rostov-on-Don, the Don State public library (the largest in the south of Russia), S.V.Rakhmaninov conservatoire, and various interesting exhibition halls.

The Rostov-on-Don zoo opened about 80 years ago and is one of the largest in Europe. The Botanical garden of Rostov State University is considered to be one of the largest in Russia, and it occupies about 161 hectares.

The city is also one of the largest jazz centers in Russia. It has turned into a tradition to conduct art festivals in Rostov-on-Don: “Donskaya vesna (spring)”, “Mini-fest”, “Russian comedy” and international jazz festivals.

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